People First

At Education 121 you can rest assured that your child will be cared for in a warm, welcoming and friendly environment so that he or she will experience a great program of fun and learning that is specifically designed to meet their particular needs.

At Education 121 we are largely "unplugged" that means we don't use computers as tutors.

We understand the importance of developing current 21st century learning skills and believe people help other people to learn. So we put people first, that is why our learners stand out.

Our point of differentiation

Education 121 is a unique learning centre offering a breadth of services and diversity of learning areas for a broad range of learners. We have gathered an extensive skill set in our support staff and offer individualised programs.

We understand the value of working together as a team. Education 121 is founded on sound research of a "quadraciprocal" model. That is a partnership model of 4-way reciprocal learning. That means we work in partnership together with the learner at the centre, so we can meet their needs.

This aproach is about knowing and respecting individual learners. By putting the student at the centre of learning we aim to develop learner self-motivation, autonomy and independence. All the while with the teacher acting as a facilitator and scaffolding independent thinking skills.

Our approach to a learner-centered environment

Based on the work of Dr Maryellen Wiemer (PhD) we believe the characteristics of a learner-centered approach is teaching that:

  1. engages students in the hard, messy work of learning;
  2. includes explicit skill instruction;
  3. encourages students to reflect on what they are learning and how they are learning it;
  4. motivates students by giving them some control over learning processes (interest & self-motivation); and
  5. encourages collaboration

Learner-centered environments are those where teachers teach students how to think, solve problems, evaluate evidence, analyse arguments, and generate hypotheses. These are critical skills essential to mastering material in any discipline. Research consistently confirms that learning develops faster if students are explicitly taught specific concepts embedded in content of interest.

Our commitment

Our dedicated team work diligently to ensure you will find our professional staff is committed to supporting learner's individual needs with practice strategies that work.

We work in active partnership with you, listening to you and your child whilst learning together, and taking a "learner-centered" approach to your child's development.

At Education 121 our team is made up of a range experienced and fully qualified educators. Our team includes early childhood educators, primary and secondary teachers, and former academics, all supported by pre-service teachers, and experienced business administrators.

Our facilitators and pre-service teachers bring a whole new level of enthusiasm, excitement and current research knowledge to our learners. Collectively we have been caring for children and teachers, supporting their learning, for many decades.

We are a friendly, welcoming group of caring and skilled educators.

All of our staff are either registered teachers with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT), or hold a current Working with Children Check card. All of our tutors are either accredited tutors, or are in the process of undertaking accreditation.

Education 121 is an Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) accredited tutoring organisation.

Dr Rannah Scamporlino
Director of Learning

Dr Scamporlino has over 25 years of experience in education as a teacher, school Principal and academic; with teaching experience across Early Years, Primary and Secondary programs. She is a highly experienced and dedicated educator.

Dr Scamporlino has taught at RMIT University, and The University of Melbourne where she held both a teaching and leadership role in the Master of Teaching.

She has also presented at international education conferences and published a number of educational papers.

Rannah manages all teaching and learning aspects of the centre.

Mr Sebastian Scamporlino

Mr Scamporlino has over 30 years of senior management experience within the higher education sector.

He has worked in; Student Services, Systems Support, Staff Training, Data Management, and Service Delivery at RMIT University and The University of Melbourne.

He is an experienced manager, leading business analysis processes and teams of people to deliver functional improvements in Student Services and Administration.

Sebastian manages all business administrative processes for the centre.

Accredited Tutor
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