Gigglepotz programs are designed and implemented to ensure our young learners (3-6 years of age) are engaged in creative learning activities in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment. We aim for these programs to ensure that children have a happy and productive time while at the learning centre.

Within the Gigglepotz and ELF programs we employ and encourage environmentally sound and resourceful practices so that children become aware of their responsibility towards caring for our world. We encourage the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle approach in all our art play and learning classes.

These highly supportive pre-school early learning sessions help your child to develop understandings about:

Social skills

  • We practice taking turns, cooperating, compromising and sharing with others.

Communication skills

  • We encourage listening and talking so that young learners have a supportive environment for developing skills and understandings about words and language to practice expressive and receptive language skills.

Play skills

  • We nurture learning behaviours like following instructions, transitioning between activities and completing tasks. We support learners to engage in activities through self-motivation, and to share in the pleasure and enjoyment of creative and challenging learning.

Fine motor skills

  • We use artistic approaches (colouring, drawing, painting, crafting), structured writing, mathematical-based activities, and a range of object manipulation tasks (i.e stacking blocks, building models) to learn skills such as hand-eye coordination, cutting, correct pencil grip to develop core fine motor skills.

Pre-literacy skills

  • The ELF Literacy program focuses on developing and extending pre-literacy skills such as concepts of print, letter-sound recognition, using phonics, and building letter and word knowledge. This program extends the practice of expressive and receptive language skill development.

Pre-numeracy skills

  • The ELF Numeracy program focuses on developing and extending pre-numeracy skills by developing understandings of number concepts. This program engages children in stories, games and everyday tasks as they explore number names and symbols, collections of objects and connections between number concepts.

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