The Gigglepotz ArtPlay program provides opportunities for students to learn how to create, design, represent, communicate and share their imagined and conceptual ideas, emotions, observations and experiences, in a caring, fun and engaging environment.

Learning art through Gigglepotz ArtPlay young learners work towards developing cognitive, affective and sensory/kinaesthetic knowledge and skills, so that they can express their ideas, thoughts and opinions. This program, and the teaching staff are highly supportive of developing personal and cognitive confidence.

The Gigglepotz ArtPlay (Visual Arts) program provides opportunities for children to explore artistic concepts appropriate for their level of development. Our learners explore the arts and learn how artworks can represent the world. They learn that they too can make artworks to represent their ideas about the world. Our students learn about safe practices in the arts through making and responding safely in a risk-free, caring and creative art space.

The Gigglepotz ArtPlay program is based on the Australian Curriculum (mapped to the Victorian Curriculum) and is linked to the Victorian Early Years Learning Developmental Framework (VEYLDF). We focus on engaging young learners in the Arts process through purposeful and creative play in structured activities, fostering a strong sense of wellbeing and developing their connection with, and contribution to, the world.

There are 4 (x10 week) Gigglepotz ArtPlay programs that run across the year. Each weekly session runs for 90mins. This program focuses on learning development for young children aged 3-6 years. Parents are welcome to stay and join in the creative fun.

  • Program 1: Painting and Drawing
  • Program 2: Mask making, Printing, Sketching
  • Program 3: Construction, Modelling
  • Program 4: 3D Art and Textiles

Gigglepotz ArtPlay Term 1 schedule.

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