The ELF Numeracy program helps students to develop skills and dispositions to effectively access important mathematical ideas, knowledge and skills that they will draw on in their daily lives.

Through engaging with the ELF Numeracy program our learners will have opportunities to develop and expand their knowledge of mathematics and mathematical reasoning. With a focus on pattern and order, number concepts, and space and shape our young learners explore and engage in a range of activities involving making patterns, sorting and ordering objects, number recognition, counting, numeration and problem solving. Our teacher's help learners engage imaginatively and critically with numerical and reasoning situations to expand the scope of their experience and make connections to other learning areas.

The ELF Numeracy program aims to do this through enjoyable and varied experiences of linking literature to numeracy, engaging with hands-on activities, using manipulatives to solve problems through creative activity engagement. Through the program students engage with purposeful problem-posing and problem-solving within different purposes and contexts.

Learning activities within the ELF Numeracy program focus on students learning about pre-number, spatial and mathematical reasoning concepts and learn to make links to the world around them.

At Education 121 we know children’s interests and ideas are the drivers of effective learning. We also acknowledge that every child will undertake a unique pathway toward achieving understandings, as such our teachers create fun and engaging learning activities to suit the interests and developmental needs of the students in each learning group.

The ELF Numeracy program is based on the Victorian Curriculum (mapped to the Australian Curriculum) and is linked to the Victorian Early Years Learning Developmental Framework (VEYLDF). The VEYLDF, as a part of the Victorian Curriculum, adopts a pedagogical base to frame child learning and development. Our experienced teachers know and understand the imperative of working within a sound pedagogical base.

There are 8 (x10 week) ELF Numeracy programs that run across the year. Each weekly session runs for 60mins. This program focuses on learning development for young children aged 3-6 years. Parents are welcome to stay and join in the creative fun and participate in their child’s learning.

Program 1:

  • Count me in! - Fundamentals of pre-number and numeration (counting development pathway)

Program 2:

  • Count me in too! - Building on the Foundations - Extending skills of pre-number and numeration (numeration development pathway)

Program 3:

  • It’s all beginning to add up! - Building on the Foundations - Extending skills of number sense and numeration (additional and subtraction pathway)

Program 4:

  • More than just numbers! - Exploring the shape of things to come - (applied mathematical concepts pathway; space & location, shapes & movement)

Program 5:

  • A penny for your thoughts! - Our community, our money, and shopping - (applied mathematical concepts pathway; money & our community)

Program 6:

  • Not by halves! - Exploring parts of a whole - (applied mathematical concepts pathway; simple fractions & sharing)

Program 7:

  • Day by day, the long and short of it all! - Exploring length and duration - (applied mathematical concepts pathway; days, seasons, time & measurement)

Program 8:

  • Make it, weigh it, pour it! - Exploring weight, height and capacity - (applied mathematical concepts pathway; people, things & measurement)

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