Education 121 offers professional learning to teachers, pre-service teachers, teaching support staff, casual relief teachers (CRTs) and tutors across a range of areas.

School Based Programs - Some of our TPL programs are targeted specifically to meet the needs of particular school communities. Principals or their representative will enquire as to the services and knowledge we can provide.

Individual Learning Programs - Teachers or other individuals may book into our standard programs via the scheduled booking sheet. Please email us for a scheduled program guide.

If you are interested in learning more about our TPL programs, please send us an enquiry email.

Our Teacher Professional Learning Programs:

  • School Wide Assessment Program and Processes - Need help ensuring you are targeting the learning the needs of your students and managing to cover the curriculum? In this program we help you and your teachers determine the most suitable assessment methods and processes for collecting useful data through developing an effective school wide Annual Assessment Plan.
  • Targeted Teaching - Identifying the Zone of Actual Development (ZAD) and targeting the Zone Proximal Development (ZPD) for each of your students. Whilst working with you on your data, we demonstrate and model how you can effectively collect and utilise your student outcomes data to target specific learning needs of your students. This system also highlights areas of the curriculum you may need to further cover in your teaching program.
  • Assessing and Teaching for Reading Comprehension - Our ToRCH professional learning program for teachers really helps to understand the process, practices and purpose for administering the tests and more fully utilising the data you receive. We show you how to manage the process from start to finish. Turn your reading assessment data in useful information.
  • Maths Assessment Tests (MATs) - By using standardised or school based Maths Assessment tests we can show you how to accurately capture your student assessment data and use that to support student improvements in the area of mathematics.
  • Grammar for English Teachers (GET) - Do you GET it? Does teaching grammar confuse you? Are you confident to teach your students grammar? Primary and Secondary teachers will benefit from this series of short-sharp lessons on various aspects of grammar.
  • Parent Helpers Program - Are you a very helpful and keen parent? Want to help out in your child’s classroom at school? OR principals - Do you have parents wanting to help out in your school? This short program helps parents understand the legal and ethical issues of working in classrooms as a parent helper. It also provides insights into how to effectively help students with their classroom learning.
  • Writing Effective Job Applications - Teachers and Principal Class: Addressing the Key Selection Criteria and Interviewing like a Star!
  • Students, Teachers and the Law - Are you unsure of your responsibilities? Do you have staff that need a refresher on their responsibilities? Let us get this sorted out for you!
  • Effective Professional Replacement Teaching - Are you a CRT? Wondering why you may not be getting enough work? Perhaps want to improve your feedback from schools or agencies? Unsure of the requirements of Australian or Victorian schools? Well we can help!
  • Becoming an Effective Tutor - need help understanding what really works in the tuition space? Yes! It is really quite different to regular classroom teaching. This program will help you support your students better and make your work more enjoyable.
  • Pre-service Teacher Tests - Are you worried about preparing for and passing the pre-service teacher English and Mathematics pre-registration tests? Have you completed part or all your degree to find you are now worried about the passing the tests and becoming a registered teacher? We can help - as academics who have been teaching our next generation of teachers we understand what is needed to help pass the tests.
  • Supporting Teachers and Students in the Classroom - Are you already an Education Support Worker, Learning Support Assistant, Support Worker (Assisting Children with Disabilities), Teacher Aide or Teacher Assistant? Or perhaps you are thinking about one of these as a new career pathway? We can help you with some new ideas about how you can better support your students and the teachers with whom you work.
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